Spring Has Sprung! Scatliff Newsletter Spring 2015

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Matthew (17 months) enjoying the first days of spring.
Spring is in the air! Along with the new buds on the trees and perennials awakening from hibernation, we, too, feel a renewal of energy and motivation in our day-to-day activities. Since returning from our time of updating churches and supporters in Manitoba in January, Tom has spent most of his time writing and reworking software for various projects. The first was for Radio Lumière, a Christian radio station in Haiti. The software is for song storage, organization, and retrieval. This program helps to update the station from using records, tapes, and CDs for playing songs on the radio, to playing them digitally from their new computer system. A colleague traveled to Haiti two weeks ago to install the system and offer training. So far the program has been well received. Tom’s also working on software to view data that comes in from new water pump monitors. These units give our partners regular updates, via satellite, on pump usage and maintenance issues. It makes sure clean water keeps running through the taps and into the glass (or bucket) of the persons relying on it. He also assisted with the first solar-powered lamppost shipped from our facility. This lamppost, which was sent to Uganda, will serve the community in two ways: offering light after sunset, and serving as a charge station for cell phones. In the developing world, cell phones are essential for communication, safety, employment prospects, and as a means of sharing important information and content, such as the gospel! However, unreliable power grids, or no power grid at all, can mean lengthy periods without service. The Solar Lamppost aims to overcome this obstacle. Over college spring break a group of eight students joined the engineering efforts of SonSet Solutions (previously HCJB Global Technology Center). Tom mentored two students from Cedarville University, a Christian college in Ohio. The students gave a boost of productivity to a few of Tom’s additional projects, and they enjoyed the experience of using their technical expertise and interests in missions. As for myself, my plans since December haven’t gone so smoothly. After raising sufficient funds (thank you to all who donated!) for the community health course I desired to study, and after sending in my enrolment package, I received the unfortunate news that the professor who ran the course (a retired missionary to the Congo) went to be with the Lord just a few days prior.  I am disappointed I missed the opportunity to learn from such a well-seasoned community health advocate. I continue to seek other avenues for the education that this course would have provided, using the funds generously donated. Thank you again to those who supported my enrollment in this course. In more positive news, a local church extended an invitation for me to join them for a week-long service trip to Peru in June. We will be serving at a Kids Alive orphanage in a similar manner to that undertaken in Haiti this past November. The details of the trip are still coming together, but I look forward to learning from the women there and working with them to improve the nutritional status of the children in their care. In the meantime I’m tasked with dusting off my Spanish!
A construction-themed birthday cake... Matches the rest of our house!
In family news, our eldest son Jonathan turned four earlier this month. We are so proud of the train-enthused, construction-site loving, brother-doting, AWANA attending, beautiful boy he is. We celebrated his birthday with a few friends, neighbors, and my parents who were in town for the occasion.
On the home front, we are deep into a few reno projects. We’ve begun to tackle the water-damaged kitchen floor (it was like that when we bought it, not from any new accident)
Tom reconstructing the kitchen floor.
and continue to update the interior of the house with a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom. We are so thankful for friends who are willing to lend us a hand and those in the construction business for fielding all of our questions! As we look ahead in great anticipation of how the Lord will use all of us this year, we are filled with gratitude for you, our dedicated partners in ministry. You are the ones who make this ministry possible! We are blessed to have you as our partners and friends.  As such, we’d love to hear from you! And for those interested in supporting our work with Reach Beyond, a registered charitable organization, click here for Canadian donations (scroll to the bottom of the page and select us from the dropdown) and here for the USA (at the top of the page, right under our name). Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

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God Answers Prayers

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We've been praying a lot, and asking so many of you to do the same, about all the intricacies of this move down to the States. One of the big things, this time of year, is taxes, and that's something you just don't want to get wrong! We need help, and there is only One who can provide. I mean, who would know how to file the 5 or 6 tax returns we will have to this year? If we get it wrong, there could be big penalties. And I don't have the foggiest clue as to US taxes... I even struggle to get the Quebec ones done correctly! After stressing and searching, I've been coming up empty. Then He drops the perfect answer in our lap: expertly qualified, and a brother in Christ. This God guy is good, are so are His children that He's asked to walk with us... And I'm giving thanks that, in His mercy and grace, He yet again is providing what we need.

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The past few days our area here in Indiana has received a lot of snow. Well, not lots, if you are Canadians, but lots for this area. So much so a Disaster Emergency Declaration was issued and no travel was permitted on Elkhart country roads between Saturday 3:00pm (when the advisory was issued) and noon on Sunday. Seriously, the whole town was shut down! No one was out on the roads, church was cancelled and everyone was to spend their long weekend inside... Interesting! http://www.elkharttruth.com/news/weather/2015/02/14/Disaster-Emergency-Declaration-issued-for-Elkhart-County-due-to-blizzard.html

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We are now back home in Indiana, and will be back in the office starting tomorrow. What an incredible time we had in Manitoba! We are so thankful for all the friends, family, supporters, missions committees we got to spend time with, and for so many speaking engagements. We are recovering from exhausting, but are certainly refreshed, revived and raring to get back to work!   home

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After spending a wonderful Christmas with our families here in Manitoba, we are now on Home Mission Assignment (otherwise known as HMA, deputation, or furlough). In a nutshell that means we are spending our time traveling and updating churches, friends, family, and supporters in the Manitoba area. Last week we were at Faith Evangelical Bible Church of Winkler, Manitoba, tomorrow we are speaking at Grace Bible Church of Dauphin, Manitoba, next Sunday we are part of a missions gathering at Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church and our final Sunday in the area (January 18th) we will be at Westside Gathering in Mac Gregor, Manitoba. Then we head home to Elkhart, Indiana. In between preparing for and speaking on Sundays, we are meeting with missions committees, families and friends to update them on their investments in missions with us. It is wonderful to report back on the great work that 's happening out of Elkhart and it is so nice to be with everyone again. We are also trying to enjoy the cold weather (Winnipeg in January? Who thought of this!) and squeeze in seeing everyone before we leave for the year. sledding If you are in the area and want to meet up, let us know! Email is always best: candice.and.tom@gmail.com

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Merry Christmas! Scatliff Newsletter Christmas 2014

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Moringa leaves: packed with micronutrients and complete proteins, these hold promise for helping combat malnutrition in Haiti.
“There! There!!” shouted all seven moms, pointing to a large lush tree just off the dirt path we were traveling down. A moringa tree! With leaves rich in vitamins and minerals, and a rare plant source of complete protein, the moringa tree holds promise for combating malnutrition, a condition so rampant in Haiti. I was pleased to have come across a moringa tree while on our way back from the market in Cap Haitien, but I was even more pleased to know that the orphanage’s house moms knew of the nutritional promise it held and how to harvest the leaves.
Candice leading nutrition workshops with Kids Alive International orphanage staff. Click here to read more.
Late November I (Candice) spent nine days in Haiti on a 10-person work team. We served at a partner ministry, Kids Alive International, an orphanage caring for children, most of whom were orphaned after the earthquake of early 2010. Our work team ran a medical clinic, worked on construction projects, and I headed up various nutrition workshops. I am thankful for the time I got to spend empowering and encouraging Haitian women who pour their hearts into caring for children at risk. I know in my heart this is the start of a long-term relationship, and for this I am very thankful. I am much less thankful for the tarantula we found in the kitchen and the four-foot snake on the construction site, but I guess that just comes with the territory of being on a mission field.
Water pump monitoring engineering and design team. Click here to read more.
Back home in Elkhart Tom and his engineering team continue to put their heads together and pour their hearts into water pump monitors. A team member just returned from Kenya where he helped install water pumps with monitor units in various rural villages.  The monitoring units are now installed and working in five different countries. It has been awesome to witness what can be accomplished when godly men set their sites on meeting others’ basic human needs. We have now wrapped up work at the office for the year and have hit the highway as a family. We are visiting our supporting churches, family and friends in the Manitoba area over the Christmas season and into late January. We are very much excited for this time of reconnecting and keeping you up to date on your investments with us in the mission field. If you are in the area, we’d love to get together! Please drop us a line so we can set something up: candice.and.tom@gmail.com Also, as we approach year-end, we’d love it if you’d consider supporting us with a special one-time gift. I am hoping to take the distance course Principles and Practices of Community Health, to expand my knowledge of community development from a Christian perspective. The course is $600 and I’m required to raise the funds prior to starting the course. Year-end giving could mean an early new-year start!  Click here for easy giving online and more information. Thank you so much for your friendship, support, and encouragement in 2014. It has been an incredible year for us and we are so thankful you have been along for the ride. We wish you all the best in this beautiful Christmas season and may God bless you in 2015. Thank you for being part of our lives!

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Community Health Course

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As I wrap up my reports on Haiti and look ahead to the new year, I yearn to expand my knowledge in community health in relation to the Gospel. The distance course Principles and Practices of Community Health offered by King College addresses just that, and comes highly recommended by a colleague. I would love to take this distance education course to be better equipped in a field I'm so passionate about. Would you be willing to help me do this? Would you consider investing in developing me as I help develop this new area of community development at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions)?  I'm required to raise the $600USD to cover the cost of the course - and every bit adds up! I am hopeful that year-end giving may result in a early new-year start. Donations are tax receipt-able in both US and Canada.  Canadians, please use this donate button:

American friends, please click here:


Thank you so much for your support!

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On November 28th I joined an awesome team of ten individuals and traveled to Cap Haitien, Haiti. lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-93fcb6f1-5cd9-473c-9d0d-d39384bd352d   We served at a partner ministry, Kids Alive International, which is an orphanage for at-risk children in a poverty stricken area of Haiti. Most of the children in their care were orphaned in the January 2010 earthquake. lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-3bf54c4f-09b5-4059-b8de-d9eeed78bc35 While there, each of our ten-person team put their personal passions and expertise to work. We had six men with construction backgrounds. These men spent an entire week tying rebar, running electrical and plumbing, and tending to odd-jobs that needed work around the Kids Alive compound. With servants hearts and a strong work ethic, these men got more done in a week than I ever dreamed possible.  
lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-1086c9d1-8629-4e25-929a-d977b35f57a6 lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-dc8147d3-addf-4c01-ac70-131a1819fce9 lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-0627349f-bae5-4d54-8419-70f417b084d8 (1) 
  A colleague of mine at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions) is a nurse. She and her daughter ran a health clinic to assess all the children and house parents for visual acuity and overall health.  
lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-506c27ae-481e-424a-b74f-24f1ea2239d8 lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-a6d81f6c-5c6f-430a-9063-013bd4d952a2 
I spent most the week running nutrition and health workshops for the orphanage's house moms (each mom runs a household that includes 10-12 orphans plus their own biological family), the school teachers, cooks, and the independent girls (those transitioning from living at the orphanage to living in the community as adults). I am so thankful for the opportunity to encourage and support women who pour their hearts and lives into the children of Kids Alive. During the nutrition and health workshops we shared, we learned, we encouraged each other, we laughed, and we built relationships. I am forever moved by the courage of these women who have such great responsibility. It was a privileged to support them in this way. May the Lord protect them and keep them!  
lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-6f12310c-9889-4823-9d7d-2a0b66d1e583 (1) lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-0eb25af2-6701-4c6c-ab3a-cbfe30b2ff11 (1)
  After nine days in Haiti, I left inspired, overwhelmed, encouraged, defeated, uplifted, and humbled. Haiti is a country with deep spiritual deceptions and health problems, but it is also a country of passionate and hard working people who want to be part of the solution. Thank you so much to everyone who support us in prayer and finances. Without you I couldn't do such work with these incredible people. Please know that your investments in our ministries make all the difference. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart!   lirdy.com-C_tomscatliff-7c3f11ee-bb72-43c8-90b2-3408b9826115 (1)

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October (and now nearly November, too!) in review

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The month of October was a busy one for the Scatliff household. We spend the beautiful fall days settling in to our home, celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and Matthew's first birthday. This season is one of joy and much excitement for us. For Tom, this is also a season of fruition on the ministry front. The water-pump monitoring project that he spends much of his time developing is now also in action in Africa. Two trips to Africa were undertaken by members of the community development fresh-water team that Tom works on. Pump monitoring systems are now on numerous water wells (installed by a partner organization on the same trips). Tom glows with joy as he receives data from these pumps working in communities that have fresh water for the first time. As a colleague describes it: Fresh water can transform a community. Technology ensures it stays that way. It is amazing what can be achieved when Godly workers put their heads together for a greater purpose! At the beginning of November I had the privilege of attending a Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. About a 5 hours drive (turned 7, due to construction) down the road the conference was both an inspiring boost to my ministry at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions) and a wonderful get-away for the family. We are now in full-on preparation mode for my trip to Haiti later this week. My heart aches at the thought of being away from the boys for 9 days, but our goal in going - to better the lives of children without parents - helps keep things in perspective. Thank you for supporting us in the work we do. Without you, we simply would not be here and these things would not be happening!

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