More thoughts on our time in Elkhart

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My thoughts are far less technical than Tom’s, but just as passionate.

I loved our time in Elkhart. The reality of us moving there and working at the Technology Center was so real I could taste it. There are so many cool projects underway (from water-pump design for community development projects to use of cutting-edge technology for bringing The Word to the unreached). Our roles are so obvious, how we will fit in - so apparent! - and there are projects already awaiting our arrival. Not only does it make me yearn to move and get to work, but also find the rest of our support team to make it a reality! We are desperately seeking those who share our passion of serving the under-served and reaching the lost.

We are ANXIOUS to get started - but we need YOU! We can’t just go, we need to be sent. We need you to pray for us, partner with us, and advocate for us to others on our behalf. We are willing and eager to go - please SEND US!

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Can’t wait to get started!!!

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So, I’ve been playing around for JJ’s whole nap today on Google Maps APIs. My other browser window is searching for ARM-based Arduino clones.

This may or may not sound interesting to you, but to me this is gold! You see, I’m a geek… But a geek who sincerely wants to use his skills and passions to serve the underprivileged.

Coming back from the Tech Center, my mind was racing about contributing to a project that the Manufacturing Manager, Steven Peacock, is leading.  We’ve teamed up with ICDI to install wells to bring clean water to communities who need it. (You can read more about the project here.)

But how does a Computer Engineer fit in? These wells are equipped with special satellite uplinks, so that we can (remotely) monitor their performance. For instance, we can tell if a pump is broken within a few hours, regardless of how geographically remote the community may be!  This translates into quicker mobilization of a repair team, and much less time for the community to be without water.

The flow meter test rig in the machine shop at the Tech Center. The water comes in through the green tube, exits through the black tube, and the amount of water flow is sent along the little black wire to the “Arduino” microcontroller.

This “Arduino” is little, and cheap, but its packs a punch — it can perform about *16 million* instructions in a single second, and can run off a set of AA batteries for *3 years*.

Built right into the pump are a few sensors, that measure water flow and movement of the pump handle, which is connected to a miniature computer we call an “Arduino”, which is connected to a device that can send a message to a satellite, which is connected to a Google Maps web page so that we can visualize the entire network of wells, and quickly identify and respond to individual issues.

Using technology for great causes. I can’t wait to get started!

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Visit to Technology Center 2013

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Elkhart, Indiana

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We are here: 

And are enjoying our time getting reacquainted with the team and learning about all the exciting projects they have currently underway. From stories of fresh water pumps in Africa to radio ministries in Asia and everything in between, there is a lot happening. We can HARDLY wait to join in on the work. It is great to be rejuvenated and re-energized. We are eager to return on a full-time basis and are getting pumped up to continue on our support raising journey. We currently have 50% of our required monthly funding pledged, praise God!, but now it’s time to find that other half and GET BACK here and GET TO WORK! 

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Off to Elkhart!

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Today we begin our journey to visit the Technology Center in Elkhart, IN! After a few days on the road, I look forward to updating you with the current happenings, interesting projects, and future prospects for us in Elkhart. We are very excited to visit, but will be more excited to head there permanently  Pray with us that the Lord will bring forth the second half of our support team and we will reach our support raising goal of 100% in 2013! 

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welcome summer!

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The weather has turned unbelievably wonderful these past few weeks and we are ready for summer! Play dates at the park, family bike rides, and ice cream have been filling our days. 

We continue to meet with families and churches in effort to expand our sending team. We are still hovering around the 50% mark and are eager to continue along. Please continue to pray with us that the Lord will bring together our sending team in His perfect timing! 

We will be off to Elkhart, Indiana to visit the technology Center later this month. I look forward to bringing back more info and stories regarding the types of projects we will be working on once we reach our 100% goal. 

Thanks for taking this journey with us! It wouldn’t be possible without each of you. 

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What a week!

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1) We have no car, it’s in the shop. Thankfully no one was hurt considering we lost the use of our breaks while driving! 

2) We have un-welcomed company - mice in the house! Eeeek!! We’re working on the problem… But I CAN HARDLY WAIT for it to be resolved! 

3) A friend loaned us their cat to help with the mice… But then the cat ran away. So I”ve been scouring the neighbourhood trying to get her to come back. Because not only will that mean I lost a friend’s feline, but I also still have my mouse problem! 

4) We’re announcing the amazing news that we are EXPECTING! Yes, it’s finally time to let the world in on our awesome news.  Baby is due to arrive late October and we couldn’t be happier. This is such perfect timing. Praise the Lord for providing! 

5) Tomorrow we are presenting to our home church’s board directors. We pray they will be able to join our financial sending team. Let the Lord’s will be done! 

Yes, what a week indeed!

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Sorrowful update

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The beautiful story of partnership and progress between HCJB Global and ICDI that I blogged about only a few short days ago (see post below) has been overtaken by tragedy. 

An uprising in the area last week resulted in loss of life, loss of homes, loss of safety, and major set backs in progress. It’s heart wrenching and incomprehensible. May, somehow, the Lord be glorified in all of this. Join us in prayer for this tragedy stricken region and missionaries. 

To read the full story, click here

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One of the Technology Center’s roles in community development in Africa

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Photo Credit: Stephen Peacock, Manufacturing Manager, conducting field testing in the Central African Republic


The Technology Center in Elkhart, IN has partnered with ICDI (Integrated Community Development International) since 2003 in support of Christian radio broadcasting in the Central African Republic. The Technology Center has also helped establish satellite-based Internet connectivity for their well drilling operation that has provided access to clean water for numerous villages throughout the Central African Republic. 

Drilling wells is a very difficult and expensive job. Supplies for the wells must be shipped more than a thousand miles overland on mostly unpaved roads.  In most of the country, the wells must be drilled through hard granite or shale before finding pure drinking water.  The average depth of the wells is 180 feet, but some wells reach depths of over 450 feet.  The Technology Center Machine Shop has designing a new gearbox for the pumps, in addition to making spare shafts for the existing pumps.

It is projects such as these that we are most excited about being a part of. We are anxious to get to Elkhart, and get to work! 

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Spring 2013

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Not sure about your house, but ours is welcoming spring with open arms! Time to wipe the dust off the shoes and get back outside!

Inline image 1What else are we welcoming with open arms? Reaching 50% of our required monthly funding. That’s right – we are half way there! To celebrate (and rejuvenate) we are planning a trip to Elkhart, Indiana to visit the team currently on the ground and gain a greater appreciation for what life will be like when we reach our 100% goal (God willing, in 2013). For those of you just joining our newsletter list (welcome!) here’s a recap: my husband Tom, an engineer by trade and radio enthusiast by heart, and I, a nutritionist, are teaming up with HCJB Global, an international mission organization that serves throughout the globe via media and healthcare ministries. We will be based in Elkhart, IN at the Technology Center.  We are currently in the support raising stage, needing to reach 100% of our monthly needs pledged before being able to leave for the field.

Support raising has been challenging, to be sure, but also very wonderful. We have been stretched outside our comfort zone countless times… And met so many amazing people and gained numerous friends. You can read about the process, prayer requests, and progress on our blog:  Stay tuned, we are revamping thInline image 2e place and will have a new site up and running soon!

To help us climb the second 50%, we are currently seeking advocates.
What’s an advocate? People who are willing to advocate on our behalf by telling others about our ministry, or hosting a small gathering at their house. We have nearly exhausted our own network, and now are relying on that of others to reach those who God has destined for our sending team. Prayerfully consider:
Would you be willing to advocate for us?

Big news on the home front: Our son Jonathan turned 2 earlier this month. He is blossoming into such a kind little boy. He has his moments (don’t we all?), but I’m so proud of the little peanut he’s turning into.

When you have a minute, we’d love to hear from you.


Inline image 1Tom and Candice Scatliff

Home phone:

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