What a week!

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1) We have no car, it’s in the shop. Thankfully no one was hurt considering we lost the use of our breaks while driving! 

2) We have un-welcomed company - mice in the house! Eeeek!! We’re working on the problem… But I CAN HARDLY WAIT for it to be resolved! 

3) A friend loaned us their cat to help with the mice… But then the cat ran away. So I”ve been scouring the neighbourhood trying to get her to come back. Because not only will that mean I lost a friend’s feline, but I also still have my mouse problem! 

4) We’re announcing the amazing news that we are EXPECTING! Yes, it’s finally time to let the world in on our awesome news.  Baby is due to arrive late October and we couldn’t be happier. This is such perfect timing. Praise the Lord for providing! 

5) Tomorrow we are presenting to our home church’s board directors. We pray they will be able to join our financial sending team. Let the Lord’s will be done! 

Yes, what a week indeed!

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Sorrowful update

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The beautiful story of partnership and progress between HCJB Global and ICDI that I blogged about only a few short days ago (see post below) has been overtaken by tragedy. 

An uprising in the area last week resulted in loss of life, loss of homes, loss of safety, and major set backs in progress. It’s heart wrenching and incomprehensible. May, somehow, the Lord be glorified in all of this. Join us in prayer for this tragedy stricken region and missionaries. 

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